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99 Tips for Personal Development Activities You Can Do Right Now

I’m tempted to try and make a Jay-Z joke here… but I ain’t that funny, folks!

But one of the things I am most grateful for in my life is that I embarked on my personal development journey over 20 years ago.

And while it sure as heck is a journey — and an ongoing one at that — I can sometimes use some reminders of tips and quick ideas of something to just pick up and do right now.

Whether you have a few minutes to do one thing on the list, or you’re looking for a new idea or two to try out later on, check out these thoughtful personal development tips and prompts:

When I can deliver tips & insights with the potential to make a meaningful difference, I would like to share them with you.

If you were to spend any amount of time with me and you got me talking about the need for daily self-care, one of the things I go on and on about is the need to get outside, get some movement and sun exposure in.

Of course, because I live in Canada, the sun exposure thing can be a bit more difficult to come by for a bunch of months year round, but I still very much recommend getting out there even for a few minutes every day.

And the recommendation in the first set of suggestions around eye rolling is also great! Haven’t thought of that one before and doing it now, it’s helped me feel some relief of pressure from staring at the screen working on this post.

There are a whole ton more suggestions in the post above, so make sure to click through to learn more.

But even these 20 alone are super helpful.

If you don’t have time to watch a funny movie right, you can watch a quick video on YouTube.

And if you don’t have a dog , but do have cats (like me)… they can be open to snuggles, too… maybe.

Many of us get into the trap of thinking that we *should* be productive ALL THE TIME… or at least as much as possible.

We often sacrifice sleep or as the post above suggest, basic self-care.

One of the most important life lessons (see what I did there? name of the podcast? …lame-oh) I learned has been that self-care is a necessity in order to be as productive as possible.

And not only productive, but optimally productive. Because isn’t it less meaningful to just get things done when they’re not done particularly well?

Bottom line, you’re not a bottomless well of energy. Self-care is part of what helps fuel your tank.

Whether you decide to use this time block idea above or not, I really agree with the idea of prioritizing these four areas of focus.

If you think about how you allocate your time and energy in these ways, I’d imagine you’d have a better sense of feeling more balanced.

And since the term ‘self-care’ can have some biased ideas for people, I like the use of the term ‘recovery’ here. But I would think of self care and recovery as essential the same need.

My take on the suggestions above is that they are good tips, although some might take more time and ongoing commitment like “downsize or reduce” or “say no more often”.

But I do believe that these are helpful tips if they resonate for your personally and you can apply them.

The thing that feels tricky for me is the idea of calling them “rules” because there are those of us who can feel discouraged or shame for not being able to follow or stick to all these rules… 30 is A LOT!

Bottom line is: We’re all individuals.

If some of these suggestions work for you – GREAT! If none do, there are a ton of other suggestions (see above and below). And if you strive and work to incorporate all of these particular suggestions over time to make them work for you – that’s GREAT, too!

For some people, it can be helpful to write their thoughts out because there is something different about getting thoughts and ideas out of your head.

It’s like it gives you a chance to have a different relationship with it.

If you’re not a writer, maybe you can use the prompts to draw or paint out the answer to the prompts. Or maybe you can put together a collage in response.

The key here is expression and what you might get out of taking some time to express yourself.

(And there, I started this post off referencing Jay-Z and cap it off with the name of a Madonna song — ugh showing my age!)

Be sure to save this Pin, if you’d like to review these tips later!

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