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This was originally something your host, Mio Yokoi, was going to talk about as part of LS101 Episode 001.

It turns out that she had A LOT to say about the ‘a ha’ moment she had during her conversation with Mai-kee Tsang.  So much, in fact, that it ended up becoming a full episode all its own!

In this episode of Life Stuff 101, Mio talks in-depth about the importance of representation based on her experiences growing up a first generation immigrant to Canada and how not having herself and her experiences reflected back to her may have resulted in a limiting belief around the need to assimilate.

She also discusses how having as many people share their experiences as possible provides more opportunities for representation for all kinds of people and experiences.

Listen back to the part of her conversation with Mai-kee that ended up having a really big impact for Mio!

Finally, Mio discusses how she will now be recalibrating one of her beliefs which will hopefully move her closer to achieving her Big Audacious Mission (BAM!).

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● Mio Yokoi: Registered Psychotherapist

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