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In this episode, we will be chatting with Mark Freeman, author of You Are Not a Rock, mental health advocate, coach, podcaster, and speaker.

Mark was so incredibly generous with his time with me that you’ll be hearing our conversation in two parts. This episode is part 1.

He talks about his initial concerns he had which led him to seek out mental health support, the process it took him to get the help that was finally beneficial and we discuss the complexities individuals can face when looking for support: analogies using food and restaurants were involved. My favourite kind of analogies.

The one thing I want to be sure to mention is that Mark and I discuss our individual experiences of seeking out support in Canada. Mark initially through the counselling service provided by the university he was attending in British Columbia. As for me, I went through finding support from a psychotherapist in private practice in Ontario.

In future episodes, my goal is to speak to many people from different parts of the world about what their experiences have been finding mental health support and also from those who provide it so that we can maybe have a better understanding of how best to navigate these systems wherever we are in the world.

Find out more about Mark at his website.

Episode Highlights:

● Mark believes mental health system is focused too much on labels
● Mark and Mio discuss resisting over-identification with labels
● Bad experiences with therapists often discourage further appointments and possibly pursuing further therapy with another practitioner
● Humans identify more with story-telling therapy than lists of symptoms
● Mental health providers need to look into what they are doing that is not serving clients well, rather than labeling clients “noncompliant”
● Clients often let financial limitations stop them, we must self-advocate
● How host, Mio Yokoi, began her mental health journey

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