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Not on schedule and definitely late…but I’m still doing this thing!  Welcome to a Life Stuff 101 Snackable episode.

There may be some of you wondering… why wasn’t there an episode earlier this week?  Well, let’s just say that life stuff can sometimes… maybe more often than we like… get in the way of our best intentions.

In this case, I had some computer issues I had to get sorted out.

Ahhh… technology… they’re amazing… almost miraculous when they’re working.  But when they’re not, darn it, so much can come to a halt and this week, it was this podcast.

It’s not the episode that was originally planned, but it’s a story of beloved older tech, a longing for newer tech especially when noticing that *everyone else* (exaggeration for effect) has the shinier and cooler thing and the decision to be made when the beloved older tech is showing signs of wear and tear.

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