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Life Stuff 101 Podcast with guest Nina Moore discussing Holiday Related AnxietyIn this episode, your host Mio Yokoi speaks with Nina K. Moore for part one of their discussion about experiencing anxiety about anxiety and engaging in the process of self-care in the face of anxiety almost in real-time.

Meet Nina K. Moore – based on her experiences and relationship with anxiety is now also an anxiety coach in Toronto who conducts private sessions, and blogs about anxiety to help others develop their own personalized action plan for anxiety reduction, prevention, and recovery. 

Nina also runs workshops about anxiety and recently held one called ‘Ok Holiday, Bring It On” about creating a Holiday Survival Plan for those who can be challenged by holiday-related anxiety.

Nina K. Moore's Quote about Anxiety "Anxiety is not about being cured or chasing a cure, it’s about ways to manage it and those ways actually lead to a better life overall."In the first part of this episode, Nina and Mio share their mutual experiences of anxiety about anxiety in relation to what it was like for each of the women to prepare for this episode.

Nina and Mio then get into talking about holiday related anxiety, creating an individualized self care plan and more sharing about experiences of anxiety.

If you’d like to jump straight to the holiday related anxiety discussion, tips on creating a Holiday Survival Guide and suggestions if you didn’t have a chance to create a plan this holiday season, this part of the discussion starts at [25:36] mins.

Processing Anxiety About Anxiety

Anxiety can be at its most difficult when it is blinding us from options when day after day it can feel as though there is a need to “power-through”.

Learn how limited one’s perspective can be while one is experiencing anxiety, and how simply a broadening of one’s point of view can help to manage and lessen moments of  anxiety. While not always easy, in fact, often quite challenging, it is helpful to learn that there are options and to not be bound by feelings that things can only be “good or bad”.

Nina K. Moore discusses planning for holiday anxiety on Life Stuff 101 Podcast with Mio YokoiAnxiety is often associated with the feeling that things are “either / or” – a function of the survival mechanism – but if it’s possible to entertain the idea that there is a choice, or that there is an option, the anxiety may not dissipate completely, but it’s possible to experience a lessening of the anxious feelings.

Learn why it is important to connect and communicate with people around you when you are experiencing issues with your mental health.

Many people, when they experience anxiety or other mood-related issues or other mental health difficulties, there may be a tendency to withdraw – it can make a difference to connect and have a conversations with folks who are open, empathetic and understanding.

Our guest shares how talking about her experiences have helped her a lot with managing anxiety. It may be possible to help manage anxiety more effectively if you communicate your anxiety to trusted individuals and processing it with them.

Learn how Nina learned to manage her own anxiety and get to know what life lessons she has learned on the way through her experiences. 

Anxiety is not about being cured or chasing a cure, it’s about learning ways to manage and that ironically, may actually lead to a better life overall.

Our guest has valuable insights into anxiety to share with us – sustaining a balanced lifestyle despite experiencing anxiety and looking at all aspects of the experience with a neutral, well-balanced approach.

It’s an ongoing process to live fully with anxiety or to live fully because of it.

Planning to Survive Holiday Related Anxiety

Nina K. Moore discusses How to Plan for Holiday Anxiety on the Life Stuff 101 Podcast with Mio YokoiThe whole idea of having difficulties during the holidays – we don’t talk about it, we’re too busy seemingly being happy and partying. It’s the elephant in the room that many people feel every year.

Nina discusses what led her to organize and act on creating an action plan, which she realized was required living everyday life:

Coping with anxiety is often about being marketed about things, adding things, do this, try this – when it’s actually simply about simplifying things and taking things away – talking about it. My work comes from when I saw my therapist, did wonderful healing, but what do I do until the next appointment?

Our guest shares her relationship with having an anxiety disorder and how she has learned to cope and keep her ‘head above the water’:

My anxiety makes me forget the good stuff and I can’t access it when I’m in it. So, when I’m anxious, I can’t remember the names of movies that I love, and I can’t remember books that make me smile, and I’m sure that there are no people in my life that make me relax, and I can’t remember the comedians that make me laugh. So, if you can consider putting together those things when you’re not in the depths of those horrid times…

While definitely applicable to managing holiday related anxiety, but also with anxiety in general, it is beneficial to understand yourself – your tendencies and traits, as well as your current situation –  and keep in mind that one’s needs can change with the circumstances.  And therefore your Anxiety Survival Plan will change as you do.

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