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April Snow, a Highly Sensitive Therapist who works with Highly Sensitive Introverts, joins me today to talk about some of the unique traits and challenges that Highly Sensitive People (HSP) face in modern life.

I hope that you’ll come away from today’s podcast with a heightened appreciation for this community, and how it’s possible for those who are highly sensitive to protect themselves, their time and energy while still living their best life.

Someone who is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), is sometimes mistaken as shy. April carefully explains the characteristics of HSPs, which nearly 20% of the earth’s population has.

While introversion is a common trait for many HSPs, almost 30% of HSPs are extroverts.

The main characteristics of Highly Sensitive People are:

  • Depth of processing
  • Overstimulation
  • Emotional responsiveness and empathy
  • Sensitivity to subtleties in the environment and sensory stimulations

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person, you feel more deeply and have more empathy. This makes you a great partner and friend.

However, you can also be strongly impacted by bright lights, strong smells, scratchy fabrics, and overwhelming social situations. It can be problematic if you don’t have the ideal environment to recharge.

Focusing on the negative parts of being highly sensitive can feel isolating, so that’s why it’s important to focus on the positive parts, or even to think of it like it’s your ‘superpower’.

Strengths and weaknesses are often two sides of the same coin. Finding out how your strengths and weaknesses work together can help you spend it in a way that helps you thrive.

From her experience with working with the HSP community, and with also being a Highly Sensitive Therapist, April shares with us some valuable advice on self-care specifically for the HSP.

She advises the highly sensitive individual to build a community, to give oneself time to process information, to prepare before an event, and especially to give the brain time to integrate experiences.

I would like to thank April Snow for her time today to share her knowledge and experience about the unique challenges and gifts of the Highly Sensitive community.

I appreciate the wisdom that she shared with us here that “Thinking and reflecting are strengths”.

What’s Inside:

  • What does self-care look like for a highly sensitive person?
  • With some careful planning, the highly sensitive person can thrive in a modern, bustling world.
  • Strengths and weaknesses are often two sides of the same coin. Recognizing the HSPs strengths and weaknesses can help them spend their time in ways that help them grow.

Resources Mentioned:
● April Snow’s Website: April Snow Consulting
● Dr. Elaine Aron’s Website: The Highly Sensitive Person
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● Life Stuff 101: lifestuff101.com | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
● Mio Yokoi: Registered Psychotherapist

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