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Mutual admiration, deep love of music, commitment to an art and a way of being brings two young people together and they fall in love.

Katie Sullivan’s story of her life and marriage could be the stuff of movies.  But it is her true story and she shares the ups and downs and the in-betweens of navigating a relationship through life’s choices and circumstances in today’s episode.

The conversation I had with Katie was so interesting on a number of levels.

One of them being her background in music. How she had naturally taken up music as a very young child, but then to hone and train her talent over many years.

Also, the process of making very difficult and complicated decisions regarding her faith, ideology, established family relationships and values at an early age because she fell in love with someone who did not share a mutual background in faith at the time.

I do have a fascination around variables, situations, opportunities and process. And Katie graciously indulged me in answering my many questions about these parts of her journey and story so far.

I think you’ll find through speaking with my guests is my curiosity around origin stories, who my guests are based on their background, experiences, personality and outlook.

From her talent, training and experiences in relation to music, as well as complexities which arose as a result of falling in love with someone outside of her religion to what it was like for her and her relationship to be fully committed to pursuing lives revolving around music professionally, there are so many detailed layers to Katie’s story and the experiences that have brought her to where she is today.

So it’s no wonder that Katie’s podcast is called Rise Through Strife, because she, herself has certainly been rising through her experiences of strife.

Listen to part one of my conversation with Katie where she takes us through the rigours of being dedicated musicians, what it means to pursue a livelihood in the profession and a shared love of music which also grew into a relationship of mutual understanding and respect.

What’s Inside:

  • Katie talks about her decision to transition out of her faith and how it shaped her relationship with Mike and marriage early on.
  • Katie and Mike’s love of music became the central point of their marriage.

Part two and the conclusion of my talk with Katie will be released this Thursday, February 6th. Please be sure to listen in!

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● Katie Sullivan’s Website: Rise Through Strife
● Katie’s Podcast: Rise Through Strife Podcast
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● Mio Yokoi: Registered Psychotherapist

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