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Reawakening sexual desire, increasing intimacy, and reconnecting with one’s physical body are all topics Lacey Broussard, the Multiorgasmic Mama, and I explore today as she shares her passion as a holistic sex coach. She shares her passion for helping individuals reclaim their bodies as their own through education and awareness.

Lacey Broussard’s positive experience giving birth revealed to her just how powerful her body is. Until this point, she’d always felt a great deal of shame and disconnectedness from her body, so giving birth to her first child was hugely transformative. So much so that she decided to train as a certified sex coach so that she could help individuals reconnect with their bodies and sexuality.

Lacey describes for me the Taoist exercise, called the Jade Egg practice, she uses in her coaching. It is a body-based practice to rewire the nervous system and can support the restoring of the mind-body connection.

As a coach, and not a therapist, she is careful to only take on clients who have already dealt with, or committed to working through, past trauma and are ready to relearn their body’s cues. 

A big part of Lacey’s work is educating women about their bodies. There are at least EIGHT (!) different types of orgasms that women can have, so Lacey works with women to teach them how to strengthen the different muscles in their pelvic floor. 

We talk about what a holisitic sex education program might look like if it were taught in the schools, and how that might impact our individual connections with our own bodies. We also discuss how we might relate to our sexuality differently if we were educated about sex being pleasurable, since so much of sex education is currently fear based. 

Focusing on the purely physical part of sex can ignore intimacy. Lacey recognizes and teaches that sex and intimacy are two different things, and that intimacy enhances the sexual experience. She also shares what energy sex and her experiences with it… have you ever had energy sex?

Men and women approach sexuality in different ways, so Lacey adjusts her teaching to accommodate that difference.

If you’re someone who’s interested in exploring the possibility of having a different personal relationship with your sexuality but not quite reading for coaching, she encourages you to read her recommended books (links below) and listen to some podcasts (definitely including Lacey’s The Multiorgasmic Mama podcast).

What’s Inside:

  • We discuss how creativity and sexuality are linked.
  • Lacey shares how Taoist practices influence her teaching.
  • We talk about a different vision for sex education in schools.
  • Lacey talks about how she also helps men connect with their bodies.
  • We talk about the difference between sex and intimacy.
  • She gives some additional reading you can explore if you’re not ready for coaching.

Resources Mentioned:
● Lacey Broussard’s Website: The Multiorgasmic Mama
● Lacey’s Podcast: The Multiorgasmic Mama Podcast
● Lacey on Instagram: @LaceyMama
● Lacey’s Suggested Books: Vagina by Naomi Wolf | Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski | The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia | Pussy by Regena Thomashauer
● Life Stuff 101: LifeStuff101.com | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
● Mio Yokoi: Registered Psychotherapist

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