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Just speaking the word “divorce” can bring up some heavy and difficult feelings for many people, but Kim Korven, a Family Peace Specialist, is committed and working with divorcing couples and individuals to change this paradigm.

Kim says that as a life event, a divorce should be about honoring the relationship, and finding a way for a family to move forward in a way that can be peaceful, and not so factious, for all involved..

She was able to navigate her own divorce peacefully due to her commitment to putting her children first and experiences from her law background, which meant that she’d witnessed a lot of the contentiousness and the litigious nature which can be a part of divorce proceedings.

Based on her personal and professional experiences, she felt called to help others navigate through divorce peacefully as she had done, but it wasn’t until she was nudged to support a person looking for guidance that Kim finally took her first step toward becoming a Family Peace Specialist.

Kim initially tried to help divorcing couples in her capacity as a lawyer, but she soon realized that it wasn’t quite right: In that capacity, it was not possible for her to focus and help the needs of the whole person. It was her desire to help people figure out and prioritize the most important thing in their lives, and then help them shape a resolution and eventually, a new life and way of being as a family, around that. 

“Be the CEO of your own divorce”, Kim says, as she expands on the idea of steering carefully through the obstacles inevitable during a breakup and divorce.  Because of her legal background, she knows that the court is required to dissolve a marriage, but nearly everything can be done by someone else. If a couple does the “everything else” through the lens of doing what’s best for the family, it can radically change the focus of the divorce process.  

I think that Kim’s approach to divorce as a life event is quite powerful. To think about divorce in this way has helped her honor her previous relationship and grieve the ‘dream’ of the marriage. In turn, she now helps clients in a similar way.

Thinking about the families who chose to actively work on a peaceful divorce, I can only imagine how much pain and hurt have been saved in the long run in life for everyone involved.

As with any relationship, but especially in such a challenging dynamic that can result from divorce, when one person treats the other with respect and consideration, it can also pave the way for an outcome that can remain positive and respectful. 

Maybe, as a child or adult or both, you have experienced how incredibly painful it can be to go through divorce.  And maybe a lot of what happened still impacts you greatly today.

It’s when I think about the many families who might not have known that a peaceful divorce was possible, that I am truly inspired by Kim’s passion for helping others journey through divorce peacefully.

What’s Inside:

  • Kim shares how to find a good divorce lawyer.
  • How Kim’s own peaceful divorce inspired her to help others.
  • How Kim’s legal background shapes her job as a Family Peace Specialist and Mediator.
  • The difference between mediation and divorce.
  • How putting the family first can change the tenor of the divorce proceedings.

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