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Welcome to episode 60 and equally as notably, the first anniversary of Life Stuff 101.

My name is Mio Yokoi, I work as a registered psychotherapist in Toronto, Canada and also as a coach and supporter to striving highly sensitive folks everywhere.

Someone recently asked me about my “Why” for starting this podcast, and it’s because I believe in the importance for every single one of us to take care of ourselves, specifically in regards to our mental health.

When I uploaded the first episodes of this podcast this time last year, I had grand plans…. I’ll be tackling mental health and hoping people will learn more about the importance of it from many perspectives! I’ll upload two episodes a week!…

But I soon learned that I was overly optimistic about my ability to keep up with that particular schedule and after a few weeks, it ended up being a weekly release.

So today, I will be talking about consistency… or rather more accurately, the lack of consistency.

Please join me today as I reflect on my experiences of learning and growing along with this podcast this past year.

Happy Anniversary to us! As always, thank you for listening, and please stay safe and in good health!

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