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Self Care Challenge: Day One

It’s late March 2020 and it’s taken me a little while for me to get my bearings.

After some thinking, I’ve decided to try and do something new.

I’m calling it the Challenging Times Self Care Challenge. That’s a mouthful and maybe I’ll try and come up with another name, but that’s what I got at the moment.

My name is Mio Yokoi. I work as a registered psychotherapist in Toronto, Canada, and also a coach and supporter to striving high sensitive folks everywhere.

I know that many people during this time of uncertainty are experiencing so many imaginable AND unimaginable difficulties at this time.

However, please note: What I share on this podcast is for general information purposes only and not to be meant as specific advice and for personalized help and questions, please consult a medical or mental health care provider.

There are many mental health professionals who are providing support online and please reach out if you are in need of support.

This podcast is generally more focused on providing information about different aspects of mental health and mindset. But today I decided to try and experiment by doing something a little different for a little while.

So it’s approximately been two weeks of being at and working from home.

And I think the most of the folks around me here in Canada that’s been physical distancing and being at home, for this extended period of time, I feel like I’m noticing and learning a few things.

For one: Without some kind of purpose, we can very easily fall into sadness, lethargy, stress, anxiety, and more.

And with that in mind, I thought I would try and start this Challenging Times Self Care Challenge where I will suggest a self care prompt for you to complete so that you know that you’ve at least gotten one thing done today.

So let’s get this show on the road with Day One.

Day One Challenge is: Start a morning routine.

As a therapist and a self employed person for some time now, I’ve learned the value and need of having a regular routine.

Now I’ve had to create a new routine during these past few weeks.

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to get a feel for this new routine.

First of all, I think it’s important to know that creating what eventually feels like a regular routine requires practice because it’s essentially a habit.

So it’s not going to take shape immediately, but it also needs action to start taking shape.

So for today, this is the Day One self care prompt: Start a morning routine, if you haven’t already.

And if you already have one, what’s something that you can add either starting today or tomorrow?

If you’re going to start tomorrow, just make a specific decision as to what you’ll be doing or adding to your morning routine.

As for me, this past week, I restarted a more regular meditation practice and today was day eight into meditating first thing in the morning.

I do feel that it’s helped me to start my day off with more groundedness, and it feels a little bit less frazzled for me in the mornings.

So probably about one week into the physical distancing, and I was just feeling untethered, or there was a sense of a strange kind of stress due to not knowing and the uncertainty of what’s been happening.

And for that first week, I think that it’s only natural that I, and perhaps many other people would have felt that way.

But I feel that when I started to incorporate the meditation practice, things just started feeling like it was making my mornings a little bit less frazzled feeling.

I’m actually very thankful for it and I feel like I’m benefiting very much from meditating.

And now that I feel that it’s now part of my routine, I’m ready to add a new thing into my morning routine: Which is regular movement.

Before all this happened, my main movement goal was to get 10,000 steps every day, which I was able to achieve by walking to and from my office.

And clearly that’s not currently happening.

So it’s been a number of weeks since I have been regularly getting in some exercise and movement. And I’ve really been feeling the need to get some movement into my routine, otherwise I don’t think I will prioritize it.

And since it’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of more intense exercise, I decided to install an app called Essentrics and add that to my morning routine.

It’s my goal to keep these self care challenge episodes short and sweet.

So I’ll leave it off here for now, but I’d love to hear if you can share what’s currently part of your morning routine and what you’re thinking of starting or adding today or first thing tomorrow.

So that’s Day One: Start or add to your morning routine.

And on that note, I hope you’re taking care, staying safe wherever you are in the world.

For now, at least, please share your plans for Day 1 of the challenge on Twitter or email me at mio@lifestuff101.com. I’d love to share what you’re doing and even suggestions for a future challenge on future podcast episodes.

This isn’t mentioned in this episode itself, but there will also be more of the regular Life Stuff 101 episodes that will be coming your way in upcoming weeks, too. In the meantime, please stay tuned for Day 2 of the Challenging Times Challenge.

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