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Welcome to Day 10 of the Challenging Times Self Care Challenge.

Before we get into the the details of Day 10 of the Self Care Challenge, the Day Nine challenge prompt was: Make a list of the trusted people in your life.

One of the things that I did not mention in yesterday’s episode, and this isn’t necessarily something that you need to add to your list, but it’s also possible that one of those trusted people in your life can be a mental health care provider or professional, a therapist, a psychotherapist, a psychologist, a counselor or a coach.

Psychotherapy or counseling can be helpful if people are experiencing some level of mental or emotional distress and that is often when people do seek out mental health professional help.

Now another way, I like to actually think about the role of therapists, coaches, counselors and other mental health care professionals is to establish a relationship you can have with a professional to be there for you to help support your mental health so that you have the support at the ready should you need it…

Just like in the same way that you would have a doctor or a massage therapist or a chiropractor and a dentist that you can have a therapist, counselor, coach in your circle of care in the same way that you might have, in other areas of how you take care of your health.

In other words, a therapist does not necessarily need to be consulted in a situation only when there are experiences of feeling distressed.

It’s my belief that it can be helpful for folks to have a space, whether it is with a professional or perhaps someone who, again, one of the trusted people in your life to have some dedicated time where you can reset and reflect and to process what may be going on for you at any given time in life.

With that said, whether you may already have a therapist, a counselor, or coach, whom you trust, who may also be on your list, or maybe you’re considering at this time, that you would like to have that mental health care provider or professional as part of your circle of care.

While we’re social distancing at this time, many mental health care providers are providing their services online and there are also online services of websites that provide listings and directories of therapists and counselors who provide their services through the platform that’s available on those websites.

If you are looking for online therapy, I don’t actually have any personal experience with the services, but if you’re looking to go down this route, you may wish to Google ‘online therapy’ and a few of the services will come up.

For example, BetterHelp, I think is one that’s been around for awhile. There’s also TalkSpace, as well as a number of others.

If these are services that you’re considering, I would suggest that you do your research and to see which one is the best fit for you.

While I don’t have the definitive information about this, where you are and who you work with can matter.

For instance, if you’re located in the United States, the therapist that you work with, needs to be in the same, same state as you. whereas in other parts of the world and where I am in Toronto, Canada, there is not as strict as far as restrictions as there may be in the States when it comes to jurisdictions and providing mental health care support.

So please be sure to also look into that as well: Where you’re located and the location of whom you would like to work with can matter.

I’d also like to mention that one of my guests, Nina K. Moore, is a coach who helps with folks dealing with anxiety and she is also providing her services online. So if you would like to reach out to her, you can get more information about her and her services on her website.

I’d love to know how you made out with Day Nine of the challenge. Who are some of the trusted people you added to your list and would you consider adding a mental health care professional or a provider on your list as well?

Please let me know by leaving a comment below!

Now on to Day 10.

Social distancing and self isolation has led to us being at home.

Home for many of us isn’t a place where we find ourselves standing.

Personally, I live in an apartment space in downtown Toronto, Canada, and there isn’t a whole lot of space for, for myself or my husband or my cats, in fact, to be moving around.

So I have been noticing that I am sitting more than usual.

I’m not standing as much as I am used to standing or even moving around and well, physical exercise is, and movement is something that is important, especially right now to take care of ourselves physically and mentally.

It’s also just as important for us just get up, because otherwise we can find ourselves sitting on either our chairs or on the sofa, or even lying down on the bed.

Maybe even before this current social distancing situation, you might have known that sitting is not something that is good for our overall health.

I’d imagine that most of us at home, especially those of us who don’t generally work at home, may not have access to something like a standing desk or a treadmill desk or something like that.

But it’s my belief more than ever that it’s good for us to be cognizant and intentional about making sure that we at least get up very regularly because it is so important for us to be taking especially good care of ourselves during this difficult time.

Please share how you’re doing in general, but also how you’re doing with the challenges themselves.  You can reach on Twitter or email me at mio@lifestuff101.com or Instagram, too. I’d love to share what you’re doing and even suggestions for a future challenge on future episodes.

Stay safe and in good health!
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