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Welcome to Day 8 of the Challenging Times Self Care Challenge.

Before we dive into Day Eight challenge, the Day Seven challenge prompt was: Take time to reflect on this past week and also how you were doing at the time of completing the challenge.

Like I mentioned in the Day Seven episode, while we’re currently going through this challenging time, it can be enough to just be figuring out how to get through on a daily basis.

But without question, this is going to be a time in our lives when we’ll look back and recall it as a pivotally significant time in our lives.

Taking intentional time to reflect can help ground us in our present experience and what we’re going through. It’ll also hopefully provide us with a fuller sense of perspective in the future, too.

I’ve had many significant moments in times of my life previously where I was maybe too busy dealing with what was going on that I don’t really remember too clearly what the experience was actually like for me.

While it’s not possible to completely and fully capture experiences, inner subjective memories and taking time to reflect might slow us down enough so that we can have more context and depth to what we remember in the future.

Of course, it’s also not just about the future. Taking time to stop and reflect on how we’re thinking and feeling now might also help to ground us in the now, which is our most current and immediate reality. 

As an example, as part of my reflective exercise yesterday, I was thinking about my relationship with my own perfectionistic tendencies, specifically in relation to creating these challenge episodes.

When I start thinking and feeling too critically about what I’m doing, I get discouraged and start doubting myself.

But as I reflected further on it, I realized that my goal for creating these episodes isn’t about creating some kind of portfolio piece or something to be curated or critiqued. It’s just my little way of trying to help.

By going through the exercise of thinking about my past week, it helped me to regain the perspective of my original goal for this challenge.

It helped me to recalibrate my emotional focus. To be clear again on my why, whatever happens going forward.

The fact that I started and created these self care prompts will be part of my memory and experience of this time.

Reflecting as I did for the Day Seven challenge helped me to see that.

Now for Day Eight and today’s self-care prompt is: Identify a physical or digital space or container for a self care tool kit.

Many of the challenges so far have been things that can help to have as part of your self care toolkit.

So whenever you may have a need to practice self care, these personalized resources will be there for you.

The thing is, when you might be feeling low, anxious, depressed, or stressed, it might be difficult to think of the things that can help you.

So the idea of building a self care toolkit is for you to have some tools at the ready.

So what’s involved in identifying and creating a self care tool kit?

Again, it can be and look like whatever you want it or need it to be.

Maybe you’ll have a physical container or box that you can put a notebook sheets of paper or other items in. Maybe it’ll be a sketchbook where you sketch out all the tools that help you.

Or it can also be a folder or file on your computer phone, which has all these resources there for you to.

Even if you’d rather have a sketchbook or something digital, I would also recommend having some kind of a physical container at some point, too, because there may be some physical objects you might find that can be helpful for self care.

For instance, I have little figurines given to me as gifts that I keep in my toolbox, which helps me feel better when I see them.

I also have a little Peanuts ‘Happiness Is…’ book from when I was a young child in there, too.

Just having them already there means less work for me when I might really need it.

The self care toolkit can also be thought of as a self care first aid kit: All the helpful stuff already together in one place.

Day Eight of the Self Care Challenge is to identify a physical or digital space or container for a self care toolkit.

Please share how you’re doing in general, but also how you’re doing with the challenges themselves.  You can reach on Twitter or email me at mio@lifestuff101.com or Instagram, too. I’d love to share what you’re doing and even suggestions for a future challenge on future episodes.

Stay safe and in good health!

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