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If you had asked host me a year ago if I would be hosting a podcast and talking about my goal to bring a larger awareness for the need for taking care of our mental health… in my very own podcast, there is not a chance in heck that I would have been able to imagine this.

In this episode of Life Stuff 101, I will be discussing how change is possible and some tips to hopefully help you toward change, illustrated by some of the big changes I experienced in my life this past year.

Things to consider when it comes to change…
First of all: Change is possible.

Second of all: It’s easier said than done.

Thirdly: Transitions and changes require self-care.

We all have those changes that we keep thinking about but can feel as though it’s not possible. The thing that I talk about in this episode is that it is possible, but feeling stuck is a real thing.

I don’t claim to know a whole lot, but the one thing I have come to know is that change is possible. It takes work. It takes dedication, it takes action, but it’s still possible.

Sometimes it can help to hear about other people’s experiences, so I share my experiences of change and maybe it can help you to think about how change is possible for you, too.

And when it comes to those pivotal moments in my life when I can take the path toward change, I figured that those moments have been life-changing experiences for me. That I don’t want them to just become part of the fodder of my life. I wanted to use those experiences as a springboard for more change.

Learn how psychotherapy and the work and insights that have come from therapy helped me become who I am today and how it can be to take the those tough risks which can result in growth and fulfilment.

The one thing that I’m totally clear about is this: If it wasn’t for therapy and my therapist, I would not be the person I am today, and I can confidently say that the one thing I no longer struggle with is a feeling of being stuck.

Stuck is not something that I have felt for a very long time.

And for this, I’m so grateful because it’s meant that I at least have felt that I’ve been growing and evolving as an individual ever since.

Along the way, I switched careers: I was so inspired by how much therapy had made a difference for me that I wanted to ‘pay it forward’.

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