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To be honest, this is a bit of a hodge podge of an episode… maybe somewhat of a reflection of where my mind is currently.

Amongst other things, I am hoping that listeners will research local resources that provide TEXT based mental health support services for those who may be in violent and vulnerable situations while physical distancing.

Text based mental health services provides safer support for those individuals who may not be able to speak only based on their living situation. The two that I am personally aware of are in the US TheHotLine.org and in Canada, Kids Help Phone offer text based support.

Please consider researching text based services in your local area and share them on social media.

I also talk about the importance of gratitude even during times when it might seem as though there’s not a whole lot to be thankful for.  Not only do I talk about what I’m grateful for during this time, I share some of the things that my friends are grateful for at this time, too.

Lastly, I speak with Rich who is the host of the DIY Helpdesk podcast and a resident of the UK. We were going to have a conversation about some DIY ideas during this time when most of us are at home, but we ended up having a conversation about what’s going on there in the UK as physical distancing was beginning to happen as well as details about the publicly funded healthcare system there, the National Health Service.

I am also publishing daily episodes called the Challenging Times Self Care Challenge. If you think it can be helpful to get a prompt every day to practice self-care during this challenging time, I hope you check back daily for your daily dose.

Please stay safe and in good health!

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