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I am so happy to welcome back Debbie Brady, mental health advocate and author of the Depression Survival Guide. Her blog is also a great resource and can be found at EndingStigmaTogether.com.

Debbie and I first spoke on episode 23, which was also packed full of valuable information about depression and I would recommend going back and listening to that episode, as well.

Debbie and I already had this conversation scheduled before the current situation with COVID19 has impacted the majority of the world.

But once we were recording, we decided to focus our conversation on how to think about and manage depression during a time of crisis.

Mental health is something that is going to be a focus of our collective overall well-being during and after this global crisis and I hope that my conversation with Debbie will help to shed light on what to look for if you’re wondering about depression and ways to take care of yourself during this time of crisis.

What’s Inside:

  • When it comes to mental health, what to be aware of during this time of crisis.
  • What symptoms could be signs of depression.
  • Debbie and I discuss suggestions for those who may be experiencing depression right now.
  • Actionable steps to take to prepare and manage symptoms of depression.

Resources Mentioned:
● Debbie Brady’s Website: Ending Stigma Together
Depression Survival Guide
● Life Stuff 101: lifestuff101.com | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
● Mio Yokoi: Registered Psychotherapist

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