29. Couples Therapy to Proactively Protect Relationships with Matt Cahill

There can be pretty big misconceptions about couples therapy being the beginning of the end of a relationship. Matt Cahill, a registered psychotherapist who works with both couples and individuals, sees couples therapy as a proactive measure that can help couples communicate more effectively and protect their relationship from the stresses of inevitable changes and differences.

27. How Adversities & Vulnerability Helped to Save a Marriage with Katie Sullivan

When it’s necessary to make difficult decisions in a marriage, what can be the consequences? When these decisions impact you and your partner in major ways, what will the marriage look like during and after the dust has settled? I explore these realities and more in part two of my conversation with Katie Sullivan.

25. How to De-Stigmatize & Talk Mental Health On Social Media with Omar Bazza

Therapist Omar Bazza uses Twitter to educate and break down barriers about mental health with those who find him on the social media platform. By making himself available for questions, he is able to provide resources and information that can support people to better understand, identify and manage their mental health.

24. Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person & Sensory Processing Sensitivity with April Snow

Psychotherapist April Snow, invites us to learn more about Highly Sensitive People and how HSPs can flourish in their daily lives. She describes the characteristics of individuals who possess the temperament of Sensory Processing Sensitivity, and she gives us some practical and thoughtful self-care ideas for both the Highly Sensitive Person and the Highly Sensitive Therapist.

23. Depression Survival Guide with Debbie Brady

Having a mental health toolkit can help you manage through a depressive episode. Debbie Brady, author of Depression Survival Guide shares with me some of the strategies she uses to manage her depression, and she gives actionable tips for how others can Plan, Prepare, and Persist as they manage their mental health.

22. Sleep Tips & Facts with Sleep Specialist Dr. Yishan Xu

Is falling asleep, getting deep sleep, staying asleep… or anything to do with sleep something that you think about? I know that I’m obsessed with getting good, quality sleep so I was thrilled to speak with Stanford-trained sleep specialist and psychologist, Yishan Xu to learn more.

21. Feeling Stuck? Change is Possible with Mio Yokoi

In this episode of Life Stuff 101, Mio will be discussing how change is possible and some tips to maybe help you toward change, illustrated by some of the big changes she experienced in her life this past year.